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History Of Sarawak

Historians have scant knowledge about Borneo's early history, a certain fact though is the presence of modern man in Sarawak some 40,000 years ago (discovery of a Homo Sapiens skull at the Niah Caves), but most of today's indigenous populations belong to the same Austronesian groups, brought by maritime migratory waves in the last 5,000 or so years, who have settled along the Malayan peninsula, the Indonesian, Philippine, Micronesian and Polynesian archipelagos, and as far as Madagascar to the west and Easter Island to the east. Archeological finds and trade records from the Indian and Chinese empires prove that during the last millennium there was a thriving barter trade of manufactured goods and exotic jungle produce between these two empires and the island of Borneo.

By the 14th century, Islam, introduced by Muslim traders, had gained a foothold in the coastal areas of Borneo and by the 16th century the Malay sultanate of Brunei would control most of the island's coasts, but its power would wane slowly with the rise of other sultanates and the arrival of Dutch in the south and British adventurers in the north.

In 1839, Sarawak, then a dependency of the Brunei sultanate, was in rebellion against the central power, when arrived on the scene, looking for commercial ventures with his well armed schooner, a young British adventurer by the name of James Brooke who will soon find himself involved in the local disputes. The young Brooke will assist the Sultan's representative and bring peace to the area, for which he will be rewarded in 1841 with the title of Rajah of Sarawak. So will start the epic saga of the White Rajahs, paternalistic despots who will reign for a century over the destinies of Sarawak's peoples, introducing along the way profound and permanent changes to their lifestyles.

From 1841 to 1868, the 1st Rajah, James Brooke, will organise his administration, try to expand his territory and he will strive to pacify the many warring tribes and to stamp out the practices of head hunting and piracy. The 2nd Rajah, Charles Brooke (1868-1917), will continue his predecessor work and expand Sarawak's territory to about its present size. The 3rd Rajah, Vyner Brooke (1917-1946), will witness Sarawak's transition into the modern era and the wrenching changes caused by the Japanese occupation (1941-1945). Unable to face the cost of re-building after the occupation, the Brookes will cede Sarawak in 1946 to the British Crown, becoming a Crown Colony until 1963, when she will join the newly formed Federation of Malaysia.

Ever since, Sarawak has steadily kept on progressing and prospering, and together with the other states of Malaysia is looking forward to achieving "Vision 2020", the goal shared by all Malaysians to achieve developed nation status by the year 2020.

Rajah Brooke
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Pilihan raya Sarawak: BN menang kerusi pertama

KUCHING 16 April - Keputusan pertama Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak ke-10 menyaksikan calon Barisan Nasional (BN), Robert Lawson Chuat menang di kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Bukit Saban.

Lawson menang dengan majoriti 2,774 menewaskan calon Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Jerah ak Engkiong @ Edward yang memperoleh 1,125 undi dan calon Snap, Dayrell Walyer Entrie dengan 641 undi.

Dayrell turut hilang wang pertaruhan.

Menang 48 kerusi, BN peroleh majoriti 2/3 di Sarawak

16/04/2011 10:13pm

KUALA LUMPUR 16 April – Barisan Nasional (BN) berjaya memperoleh majoriti dua pertiga kerusi pada Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak ke-10 apabila menang 48 daripada 71 kerusi yang dipertandingkan setakat 9.45 malam ini.

Daripada jumlah itu, DAP menang sembilan kerusi diikuti oleh PKR (tiga) dan satu kerusi dimenangi oleh calon Bebas.

Setakat ini 10 lagi kerusi belum diumumkan. -

Kesemua 1,748 pusat pengundian ditutup tepat 5 petang

16/04/2011 5:49pm

KUCHING 16 April - Kesemua 1,748 pusat pengundian bagi pilihan raya negeri Sarawak kali ke-10 ditutup tepat pada pukul 5 petang ini, sementara di beberapa tempat pusat penjumlahan undi, pengiraan telah pun bermula.

Pengiraan undi dimulakan sejak pukul 12.30 tengah hari ini di beberapa kawasan berikutan pusat mengundi ditutup awal memandangkan ia terletak di kawasan pedalaman dan jumlah pengundinya adalah kecil.

Berdasarkan maklumat Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR), pusat mengundi yang paling sedikit iaitu di Pusat Mengundi Rh TK Pa'Berang di Ba'kelalan dengan hanya 20 pengundi mendaftar.

Ba'kelalan juga merupakan kawasan yang mempunyai jumlah pengundi paling kecil. Pusat penjumlahan undi bagi kerusi Ba'kelalan adalah di Majlis Daerah Lawas.

Keputusan pertama pilihan raya dijangka diumumkan kira-kira pukul 8 malam ini.

Pada pilihan raya kali ini, Barisan Nasional (BN) bertanding di kesemua 71 kerusi.

Parti pembangkang DAP di 15 kawasan, Parti Kebangsaan Sarawak (SNAP) (26); Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) (49); Pas (lima) dan dan Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) (enam).

Seramai 41 orang bertanding sebagai calon Bebas

Keputusan terkini: BN 50, PKR 3, DAP 10, Bebas 1 (dikemas kini)

16/04/2011 10:25pm

KUALA LUMPUR 16 April - Kedudukan semasa keputusan Pilihan Raya Negeri Sarawak ke-10 menyaksikan Barisan Nasional (BN) memenangi 50 daripada 64 kerusi yang sudah selesai diumumkan setakat ini.

Daripada jumlah itu, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) pula menang di tiga kerusi manakala DAP setakat ini memperoleh 10 kerusi dan Bebas menang satu kerusi

Pilihan raya Sarawak: Taib menang, George Chan tewas

16/04/2011 8:42pm

KUCHING 16 April – Ketua Menteri, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud mempertahankan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Balingian manakala timbalannya, Tan Sri George Chan Hong Nam tewas di DUN Piasau.

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