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Orphanage to be demolished if unsafe

The interior of the Hidayah Madrasah Al-Taqwa orphanage.  — NST picture by Aizuddin Saad
The interior of the Hidayah Madrasah Al-Taqwa orphanage. — NST picture by Aizuddin Saad
HULU LANGAT: Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung said the orphanage would be demolished if the premises were deemed unsafe.

The Public Works Department will investigate the matter and assess whether the orphanage is safe for occupation.

"If it is not, then it will be demolished. The Kajang Municipal Council will be responsible for tearing down the structure if it is unsafe," Chor said after visiting the site yesterday.

Chor said 10 years ago, the area was mainly agricultural land and the municipal council did not have jurisdiction over the area.

Landowners did not have to apply for a permit to build houses.

"We cannot blame the residents who built homes in the area as they had the right to build homes for their families. No action can be taken as the houses are now more than 10 years old.

"But if landowners want to build houses in the area now, they must submit an application. There are also new rules on the construction of houses near hillsides."

Chor said a circular was issued to all local councils last year on the construction of houses near hillsides.

"All councils have been reminded to monitor applications by developers and homeowners to build houses near hillsides. Previously, no conditions were imposed on such applications but soil engineering strategies are now compulsory.

"If the hillside is at a gradient of more than 70 degrees, then the house must be built at a distance of twice the height of the hillslope. For example, if the hill is 100 feet high, then the house must be built 200 feet away."

He said in the event of a landslide, the house would not be affected or damaged, reducing the possibility of casualties or fatalities. On whether such precautions were taken at the orphanage, Chor said he was leaving that to PWD to investigate.

When will the world actually end

May 21, 2011, Resurrection did not occur in the anticipated

Judgement Day said on May 21, 2011, this prediction actually
makes people wonder, is there really going to end
In the quotation from the Christian Science

Who Rounds to the nearest integer, and you get 722,500, which
an important figure because it is a square of 5 x 17 x 10.
Number five, according to Camping, is redemption. Ten representative
equipment, and 17 is a paradise. Multiply it all together -
two times - and you get 722,500. Since the end kicks
off on Saturday, 21 May

Camping's method skeptics might ask why the date of the end of the world
is associated with the crucifixion of Jesus, why the number five, 10,
Camping and 17 represent what they claim represent, why they
must be multiplied together, why should they then squared,
and, for that matter, why the Bible would contain references to numerology
esoteric predicting the end of the world in the first place. They can also
indicates that the date of 1 April 33 BC actually on Wednesday, and
that, with the method's Camping, April 1, 2011 will be counted twice.

Content using different methods to calculate the final day.
For example, December 21, 2012 marked the end of the cycle 5.125
year-old in the Long Count calendar Mesoamerican, leading some
people - especially those who believe that the American dating system
Pre-Columbian could predict events hundreds of years in the future -
to believe that the world would end on that date.

‘Mobile phones harmful to human health'

LONDON: Mobile phones and computers with wireless internet connections pose a risk to human health and should be immediately banned in schools, a powerful European body has ruled. A Council of Europe committee examined evidence that the technologies have "potentially harmful" effects on humans, and concluded that immediate action was required to protect children, the Daily Telegraph reported.

In its report, the committee said it was crucial to avoid repeating the mistakes made when health officials were slow to recognise the dangers of asbestos, smoking, and lead in petrol.

The report also highlighted the potential health risks of cordless telephones and baby monitors, which rely on similar technology and are widely used. Fears have been raised that electromagnetic radiation emitted by the wireless devices can cause cancers and harm developing brains.

Experts are divided on the issue. Les Barclay, the vice-chairman of the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme , said: "There is very little evidence for harmful effects. The powers that mobile phones emit are getting less and less."

Paul Elliot of Imperial College London, who is leading a study on the effects of mobile phone use, said: "There are questions about whether mobile phones might have cognitive effects and affect sleep."

Agenda bincang Kristian jadi agama rasmi dipandang amat serius

KUALA TERENGGANU: Kerajaan melihat majlis pertemuan paderi dari seluruh negara yang didakwa turut membincangkan agenda menjadikan kristian sebagai agama rasmi persekutuan sekali gus melantik perdana menteri di kalangan penganut agama itu adalah sesuatu yang amat serius.

Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein, berkata apa juga tindakan daripada satu agama akan mengundang reaksi daripada agama lain.

Sehubungan itu katanya, pihak yan terbabit menganjurkan perjumpaan itu haruslah bertanggunjawab termasuk terpaksa berdepan dengan tindakan undang-undang.